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What is GFlightsSheet?

GFlightsSheet is a Google Spreadsheet add-on.
It is a non commercial project by Michael Enke.
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An imprint is not required since this is a non commerial page. No advertisement, no online shop, nothing to drive you to buy something.

Which Audience is this add-on targeting?

GFlightsSheet is meant to be a tool for pilots in the private sector: Microlights, glider, touring motorglider and small aircrafts.
Flight time need to be logged in different places, e.g. aircrafts logbook and personal logbook which are paper based.
Building sums is error prone and generating statistics is almost not possible.
Having the same data in an electronic form simplifies such tasks.
In general it is not necessary to have an add-on to create a personal logbook - the speciality of this add-on is that it supports download and upload of logbook data to 2 popular flightlog platforms which are used mainly in the german speaking area: vereinsflieger.de and flightcenterplus.de.



You can take a look at these screenshots of some sheets which build up the spreadsheet:

How to use GFlightsSheet

This add-on is not listed in the Chrome Web Store - it is a G Suite add-on available from the G Suite Marketplace.
  1. Installation via this link
  2. Alternatively from within an open Google spreadsheet: In the Add-on menu - select Get add-ons or Manage add-ons Enter the name GFlightSheet into the search field and when found press the Install button.
    You are asked to grant the add-on permissions. In detail these are: Revokation of that permissions can be done at https://myaccount.google.com/permissions
  3. Now you have to allow GFlightsSheet to access the sheet you are currently on:
  4. When you want to use GFlightsSheet in a new file, permission has to be granted for that:

    After giving that permission the menu will repopulate:
  5. Select english or deutsch - deutsch = german is the default after installation
  6. When you have an account at vereinsflieger.de or flightcenterplus.de, select Vereinsflieger/FlightCenterPlus account. You can choose to remember that data or provide it for every access again:

  7. With Create logbook you create the flightlog structure. Once finished, the dialog will tell you to go to Settings tab and adjust the settings: What license type you have and flight times which are not part of GFlightsSheet (e.g. when you decide to not store data older than 2 years in this sheet).
  8. When you have an account at vereinsflieger.de and/or flightcenterplus.de you can download the data which is already existing there:

    At all times it is possible to download data from vereinsflieger.de or flightcenterplus.de.
    Only data newer than the last table entry is transferred (except for FIs - 7 days back are transferred in case a student did log his flights belated).
  9. When you flew, enter your data in the Google Spreadsheet: and select from the menu to upload it (to vereinsflieger.de and/or flightcenterplus.de):

    If you do not have configured an account, this up- and download is of course not available.
  10. If a row is marked for transfer to Vereinsflieger/FlightCenterPlus but you don't want it to be uploaded, expand the hidden columns behind column Z. In column changed delete the value 1 for that row. Be careful to not modify column Class, otherwise the statistic gets wrong.
  11. Input of Attendants: In case Vereinsflieger/FlightCenterPlus you don't want the names of attendants but only the count, the field values must be + followed by number of attendants. All behind a following space will not be uploaded.
    To allow a + as first character in sheets one has to prefix it with an ' (apostrophe)
    Input: '+2 Emma+Luisa which is stored in the sheet as +2 Emma+Luisa and transferred to Vereinsflieger/FlightCenterPlus as +2